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Prometheal Systems bridges technology for business—from idea, design and implementation to rollout—implementing improvements across a broad spectrum of clients from large to small in a wide range of industries.

Prometheal Systems facilitates its clients' collaboration using business analysis and System Dynamics simulation, then builds solutions with Microsoft tools.
Client achievements with Prometheal Systems:
  • All client stakeholders know the status of all the work, all the time. No more searching filing cabinets, other people's in/out boxes, email, or spreadsheets and word processing documents on a LAN, Intranet, or Extranet.
  • Client work moves as fast or as slow as people want it to, without 'in transit' delays.
  • People build a shared framework for decisions, a shared understanding for work, and a shared base of knowledge for the future of the organization.
Through business analysis and simulation with system dynamics, Prometheal Systems identifies the high leverage processes and policy changes that will deliver the greatest value. It facilitates an understanding of the forces behind problems. In analyzing business needs, Prometheal Systems focuses on response times, overshoot/undershoot behavior, and oscillatory responses to non-oscillatory environments.

System Dynamics:
  • Embodies a holistic approach
  • Formulates explicit, quantitative policy rather than narrative causal theories.
  • Produces a self-contained experimental environment in which alternative process designs and policies can be simulated before implementation starts
More on System Dynamics
The early parts of projects are high touch. After building a consensus on goals, priorities, and categories, Prometheal Systems adds high tech to the mix. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server are often the best choices.
  • Completely control the user interface
  • Leverage Microsoft operating systems
  • Maximize the use of inexpensive hardware
  • Segment development skills
  • Develop in the best environment
  • Support development with the best third-party tools
  • Support development with the best third-party book support
  • Draw on the largest pool of developers to build and maintain applications
  • Write shrink-wrapped software